The NextChar Advantage


A critical advantage for NextChar is that one of the principal founders, the Chief Technology Officer and inventor of the NextChar pyrolysis technology, is Hugh McLaughlin, Ph.D. Hugh is a chemical engineer and well respected expert on biochar quality and carbon-based materials production in general, and is the author of numerous popular and scholarly papers on biochar, including “All Biochars are not Created Equal and How to Tell them Apart” (2009) and “U.S. Focused Biochar Report: Assessment of Biochar’s Benefits for the United States of America” (2010). All of the major distributors and producers of biochar have sent, and continue to send Hugh (now in the thousands) of samples to be tested for quality. Hugh is one of only a handful of experts in the world who fully understands the production technologies, applications and marketplace for biochar.

NextChar’s pyrolysis unit was developed by Hugh to create a superior, ‘‘A-grade’’ quality biochar at a commercial scale, and at commodity pricing. The mature technology, proven over many years of testing, refinement, use, and independent review is low cost and compact, allowing the company to deploy quickly wherever there exists a willing market and abundant, low-cost bio-mass. The machine is the first technology, proven to produce an ‘A’ grade material at commercial volumes.

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