Biochar Overview

Biochar by Nextchar

-Increases water/nutrient retention due to its highly microporous carbon structure

-Improves soil fertility by providing carbon and a home for soil microbiology to thrive

-Protects against drought by holding onto water for longer and keeping soil microbes alive

-Protects against heavy metals and toxins in soil

There are specific qualities that make a “good” biochar perform in agricultural or remediation settings.

These qualities include high porosity, little or no ash, no contaminants, little or no volatile-organic compounds and a neutral Ph. Very little of what is labeled and sold as biochar today can boast these qualities. The only way to know if the biochar being purchasing is high quality, would be to perform lab test that measure these metrics.

That’s why we started NextChar, to deliver a consistent, verified, point-of-origin, supply of biochar that you can trust. NextChar’s advanced pyrolysis technology produces a superior and consistent quality biochar, characterized by its low ash content, minimal volatile organic compounds (which will break down in the soil and reduce the effectiveness of the biochar), high porosity (holds moisture, increases adsorption, and reduces the “perk-rate” in soils), and high carbon content (meaning its very pure), setting the standard for high-performance biochar. These metrics will be guaranteed to every customer.

Learn more about biochar from our biochar experts in our resources section!

The NextChar Solution


NextChar will be one of the first industrial-scale manufacturer of biochar using existing technology modified to create high quality biochar from waste wood streams. The NextChar technology based on the Airburner technology modified to produce high quality biochar while remediating wood waste. This solves a serious waste problem in the US, results in no purpose harvested trees for biochar production, and therefore has a much better carbon footprint than other technologies. From a business perspective the business is completely self-supporting on biomass waste tipping fees. Most biochar produced in North America is a byproduct of older generation wood-energy boilers or by back-yard hobbyists making small batches of local use.

With the leading technologist on biochar quality and one of the leading biomass combustion engineers in the US, NextChar is well-positioned to roll out this business model nationwide.

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