Tom HortonCFO

Corporate Finance Officer- Tom Horton is a seasoned manager and financier of early and growth stage social enterprises. Over the past three decades, Tom has secured more than $100 million in financing for early stage impact businesses, including wind and solar projects and technologies, water filtration technologies, organic agriculture and urban food-systems, low-impact resort developments, and durable-medical devices. Financed by Revolution, Steve Case’s venture capital firm, Tom started Canopy Development in 2005, initiating about a billion dollars in resort and second home development. Prior to that Tom served as a program officer at the Rodale Institute and was a founding partner of The Trust for Sustainable Development, which planned and financed the $3+billion dollar Loreto Bay development in Baja California, Mexico. In 2008, with two fellow paraplegics, he assisted in the design and engineering of a groundbreaking wheelchair, Icon Wheelchairs, for which he secured financing. Tom is honored to serve on the board of directors at Ocean Alliance.

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